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STICKGONBANG is the epitome of progressive hip-hop...

STICKGONBANG is the epitome of progressive hip-hop. This artist’s vibrant style, matched with incredible wit and unpredictability, makes him the centerfold of revolution. His music is a reflection of euphoria and exhilaration but is at times delivered from a vulnerable perspective.

The Miami-native made his entrance producing with many artist such as DJ Luke Nasty, Lil Gotit, Big Havi & TK Kravitz. In 2020, we got our first impression of STICKGONBANG with the EP, “STICK TALK VOL. 1”. The project featured records like “STICKBABY” where, in Atlanta terms, STICK walked! It is very clear STICKGONBANG found beauty in the struggle and turned dirt into diamonds.

With the release of the EP, “LET IT BANG!”, STICKGONBANG shows us a more intimate side of his self with the song “GHOST RIDER” where he sings about the conflict of love. Lyrics like “Voices in my head/Can’t say that I ain’t used to you sleeping in my bed/Been waiting on your text but I might pop this perc instead”, tend to leave you breathless at the raw-authentic nature that is brought to this record. “LET IT BANG” also features records like “BAG CHASER” where STICK elaborates on choosing “a bag over a broad”. An attitude that can make anyone get serious about their grind instead of focusing on meaningless relationships with people. STICKGONBANG stands by the Rockstar lifestyle while being the voice of the generation. Stream “GHOST RIDER” by STICKGONBANG on YouTube now.

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