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Title: Ayox Unveils Debut Album "Last Son of a Widow" – A Musical Journey Through Grief and Resilience

Hailing from the vibrant city of Akure in southwestern Nigeria, the emerging star Ayox, at just 20 years old, introduces his inaugural full-length project, "Last Son of a Widow." Released under LV llc, Gproduction, the album serves as Ayox's open diary, chronicling the challenges of growing up without a father and the resilience of a mother navigating hardship to provide for her child.The young singer-songwriter shares that Last Son of a Widow encapsulates the universal story of those who lost a parent early in life, particularly a father. Written over a period of five years, the album delves into Ayox's inner turmoil, the profound impact of losing his father at the tender age of 13, and the myriad questions that accompany the journey of growing up. Ayox, self-identified as a "loner" and a "sad boy," offers a unique lens within the flourishing Afrobeats genre.

While tracks like "Walking Dead" showcase his poignant storytelling and melancholic melodies, the album also captures his exuberant, youthful energy, notably on the lead single, "Ashewo Boy," featuring Afropop sensation Tekno. Born and raised in Akure, Ayox's musical outlook was deeply shaped by his parents. His mother's rendition of indigenous town songs and his father's playlists featuring artists like Elemure Ogunyemi, Orlando Owoh, Dele Matina, Bola Otu, and Beautiful Nubia left an indelible mark. Ayox turned to music and songwriting as a coping mechanism after losing his father, recording his first song at the age of 12. Ayox gained recognition in 2021 with "Pray For Me" and continued to build a dedicated fan base with subsequent singles like "Cocaina" and "Comfort Zone." The success of "Walking Dead" propelled him further, amassing millions of views on TikTok, streams on Audiomack, and daily plays on the popular African platform Boomplay. In a heartwarming gesture ahead of the album's release, Ayox returned to his alma mater, Aquinas College, gifting personalized notebooks to students and celebrating the EP announcement. With a mission to inspire the next generation of African youth, Ayox encourages them to dream big, express their emotions, and discuss challenging topics such as grief and mental health.

"Last Son of a Widow" serves as Ayox's intentional introduction to a global audience, offering a profound glimpse into the artist he aspires to be. As he navigates through personal trials and triumphs, Ayox emerges as a promising figure in the music industry, blending heartfelt storytelling with the vibrant beats of Afrobeats. Listen to the compelling narrative of "Last Son of a Widow" and stay tuned for more news from this rising star.


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