• Brandon Ward


As we all know, some of the most anticipated music has come from Reggae and R&B artists. One artist in particular who has recently flooded the underground with a Jamaican hit, and he happens to go by the name Blaze. Blaze, originating from Amityville, New York, has come a long way since being a member of the Triple 9 collective a few years ago. The way his new track titled “Poison” glides from the speaker into the ears definitely gives us reason to believe that Blaze and his selection of music are meant to be. Blaze has reinvented himself with a new style and it looks like this is just the beginning. Poison seems to be easily connected to his latest single “Wine For Me” which really showcases the talent he has to offer to the world.

Both Poison and Wine For Me definitely deserve as much steam as they can get if you ask me. Blaze also shows his life out well on his instagram, modeling and being a huge advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. His instagram is filled with plenty of entertainment from triller’s to photo shoots and speeches at protests. His music touches the soul and you’ll easily be able to feel that by kickin’ your feet up and throwing on some Blaze to catch the right vibe. Judging by his music and his instagram feed, Blaze definitely plans on making an immense impact in the industry. Surfacing straight out of New York, it’s not the easiest to bring his type of flow and music to the table so I say we give some credit where it’s due and support Blaze and his right to break barriers.

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