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FK MARR is a rapper from Amityville, New York, who has been creating music for the past 4 years. He is known for his unique rapping style and is a talented songwriter. FK MARR has been working hard lately creating viral content on TikTok and is considered by many to be a promising talent in the New York rap scene. FK MARR is dedicated to his craft and is poised to make a big impact in the world of hip hop. New York rapper FK MARR has just released a highly anticipated music video for his new single, "ANOTHER ONE" featuring Ron Suno (PROD. WAR). The visual is a wild ride from start to finish, packed with high-energy performances and stunning visuals that perfectly capture the intensity of the track. The video begins with FK MARR performing in a packed crowd at a house party, surrounded by women. From there, the action only intensifies, with the rapper taking the party outside to the streets filled with expensive cars. One standout scene features FK MARR rapping in front of a line of cars with a group of his friends "Getting Sturdy" (A Cultural dance by Urban New Yorkers), also surrounded by another group of women in a following scene twerking in the foreground. The visuals are equally impressive, with the video featuring a number of creative shots and special effects that add to the overall intensity of the track.

Collaborating with Ron Suno could also open up new opportunities and connections for FK MARRS within the music industry, also Ron Suno's fans may discover and become interested in FK MARRS' music as a result of the collaboration. Ron, a drill rapper, started building a fan base in early 2019 by releasing music videos such as "With My Crew", "Party on Jump", and his EP, "New Boss", on YouTube and promoting them on Instagram. His biggest success came in October 2019 with the release of the hit song and video "Pinnochio", which received 15 million views on TikTok, over 9 million on YouTube, and about 6 million plays on Spotify. A remix of the song featuring Los Angeles musician Blueface was later released. In February 2020, Ron released the single and music video "Spider-Man" featuring fellow New York rapper Fivio Foreign. In June 2020, Ron released the album "Swag Like Mike" featuring 5 artists, including the single "Wraith" featuring DDG. He also released the single "Netflix" in audio and visual form in October 2020. In November 2020, Ron was a celebrity guest on the virtual game show of the Atlanta Hawks' NBA 2K League affiliate, The Hawks Talon Gaming Club, where fans could play against their favorite celebrities. Overall, "Another One" is a must-watch for fans of FK MARR and for anyone looking for a high-energy, visually stunning music video. The rapper's energy and passion shine through in every frame, making for a truly memorable viewing experience.

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