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Introducing 'The Core': THEO AW 23-24 Co-Ed Collection

In the midst of a devastating and volatile political conflict, Ukrainian fashion brand THEO has launched its latest collection - 'The Core'. With its powerful silhouettes and agender notes, the collection is a bold and visionary leap forward into the future, rooted in the brand's foundational philosophy of blurring boundaries. Inspired by a mysterious cyber-generated world, 'The Core' is a vision of high-voltage contrasts, where the naive true odd beauty is juxtaposed with aggressively exaggerated volumes and stiff established forms. It's a world where the THEO Hero is defined by a mystery connection of the Rebel and Magician nature - a code that everyone can discover through mastery developed and risk-taking outfits. The fabrics and textures have been carefully selected to create a heavy and light version of garments that is both transformative and offers repeating elements of clothing on different products in the collection. The result is easy-to-wear clothes with a powerful and unforgettable edge that is highlighted by non-standard usage of the fabrics. The collection's signature piece is the Tomboy jacket, which has been redefined with four styles of pockets as the core of the brand's DNA.

The outerwear is built around this jacket, with emphasized features such as shelter, brutalism, exaggerated form, and function. The suits have been reinvented in a contemporary way and decorated with huge padded elbow-length gloves that turn them into absolutely outstanding outfits. The dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and leggings have been developed in a youth, native form with a sexy mood accentuated by skinny fit, mini length, and sophisticated drapes. The color palette features neutral colors of colder shades, with dark colors predominating, such as black, brown, khaki, navy, gray, and sand. Touches of contrast are provided by gold, mother-of-pearl silver, purple, radiant yellow, contrasting green, and light green for inserts and trousers. Theo Dekan, the creative director, said, "Blending urban inspiration with our signature functional design, we create the comfort of living in the form of timeless wardrobe staples. Exploring the concept of utility, we define a four-style pocket Tomboy Jacket as the core of the brand's DNA, surfacing in a new season with a new twist." All items are produced in Ukraine under international ethical norms, despite the full-scale Russian invasion of the country during the creation of the collection. 'The Core' is not just a fashion collection but a statement. Theo has successfully managed to defy the odds and create a powerful and memorable collection that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. The brand's commitment to ethical practices in the midst of a political conflict only underscores the importance of supporting brands that prioritize sustainability and responsibility. Theo's 'The Core' collection is proof that even in the darkest of times, creativity and innovation can thrive.


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