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Freewill is a duo consisting of two interesting characters, Freewill Mage and Freewill Meth, and the duo has been above the radar for quite some time now. They’ve seemed to have left a major stamp on the underground while building the ultimate cult-like fan base around the Freewill corporation. They’ve also landed themselves far away from their stomping grounds of Long Island, New York, touring in places such as Poland, Germany and other international spots across the globe. From Amityville Music Hall in Long Island to the main Insane Clown Posse stages across the world, it’s no surprise to us why they have a collection of fans flaunting their Freewill tattoos. They also offer an exquisite merch collection every now and then which always gets bought up and sold out shortly after.

Their sound is different from most, offering a raw grunge-like sound that you can indeed headbang to or just straight up mosh to. It’s hard to come across different sounds that fit together so perfectly as theirs does. The freaky Freewill camp also has a collection of eye-grabbing visuals as well on major platforms such as WorldStarHipHop and Trash, bringing in over one million views combined. Recently, the duo inked a major deal with Empire as well and their plan to take over the music industry seems like it’ll come together even easier now. Each video they’ve dropped gets more and more interesting with multiple colorways and bizarre characters showing off their loyalty to the cult masters. In their most recent video for their new single “YOPPA” they can be seen dressed as what looks like a pair of yellow extraterrestrials parading around with their sharp weapons and their headbanging disciples, sporting a quad and some amazing effects as well.

They’re recently toured with names such as Nascar Aloe as well and made some different appearances in the states. Judging by their instagrams which boast a combined following of almost 50,000 loyal followers, they look to step on foreign stages again soon and maybe even bring us a debut album in the year to come.

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