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BKTHARULA“Bktharula Creates Waves which Brings a Whole New Style To The Game ”

Atlanta is constantly booming with massive talents and happens to be home to another hit maker named Bktharula. After releasing her single “FAYGO” and the vibrant visuals for the song, Bk quickly started to build up some steam. Following the release of FAYGO, came her biggest hit to date, “TWEAKIN’ TOGETHER”. Racking in over 3 million views, the visuals for TWEAKIN’ TOGETHER are packed with energy showing just how much she can turn a crowd up.

Her style is different from most, mixing her calm and soothing voice with some spirited beats and melodies. Bk definitely shows her versatility when it comes to being able to maneuver different style beats and instrumentals. In October of 2020, she released her second project titled “Nirvana” which contains a combination of different styles and vibes.

I would call the project nothing short of an experimental masterpiece. The project sounds as if it’s interstellar and travels from galactic beats to trap beats. Songs like “Summer” and “GANGO” have certain sounds that are almost impossible to duplicate.

She has since released a few more visuals from the project for those specific songs. Her project is a straight play-through and flows perfectly from song to song. It’s recommended that you music connoisseurs take the time to let Nirvana stream all the way through and take you to another realm. It seems Bktharula knows how to perfectly demonstrate expression through music while laying down her exotic style. Provided she’s been building a strong core fanbase, Bk has the potential to be huge and bring her style straight to the top.


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