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Abby Jasmine Releases an Exquisite New Visual entitled "MIA"....

In her latest visual for her song “MIA” Abby brings us into her version of the R&B world. The track is already super catchy on its own, but the visual really gives us a feel of what it’s like to be in the mind of Abby. The song actually changes up into the halfway point and continues the vibe throughout. MIA is a single off of her latest4 track ep, I Hate You 2. Being a Staten Island native and having a large following across the world in places like South Africa, Abby has proven with each release that she indeed has what it takes to become a world-wide superstar. Her voice alone soothes the soul and travels swiftly through the air relaxing the mind. Abby can be seen driving endlessly in the video granting us the real meaning of going MIA. Her vocals are unstoppable and are perfect to add to any type of playlist. The whole Ep is most definitely a straight play through and it looks like Abby has much more to offer us in the upcoming years.


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