• Brandon Ward


Videography isn’t this talented individuals’ only specialty. A new name is rising quickly within the industry of entertainment and music. This certain individual goes by the name Benny Commas and he’s involved in everything creative. Originally from Amityville, New York, Benny Commas branched out to the south as well. He caught quintessential shots of big names like Mulatto, Blac Youngsta, 2 Chainz, Tee Grizzley, Keisha, Cocavango, and more. Benny’s camera angles and crisp edits really bring his capabilities to life. Scrolling through his instagram feed almost feels like a Getty Images lookbook.

The cleanliness of Benny’s pictures that he’s captured overtime can only have one thinking he’s up next, in the long line of creative directors and photographers. Although his picture quality is impeccable, Benny also shoots and directs music videos, streams Call of Duty on Twitch and has his own website. His website features all of his talents perfectly categorized. Benny seems to be pretty handy with the underrated invention, dubbed the film camera, as he has a whole section on his website devoted to film pictures. Benny’s music videos are a mix of heavy edits and cinematic composition. His website can’t get any easier to navigate and gather your attention check it out for some quick inspiration.You can also book him straight through his website as he’s made it pretty easy to lock it down and get straight to work. Some of Benny’s other credentials include behind-the-scenes on sets of other big production videos and an Epic Records magazine cover. People who contribute to the creative conduit of art, fashion, music and all around entertainment must not go unnoticed! Give Benny Commas a steady eye and a follow on his social media to see the excellence he has yet to offer.

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