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"Straightup631 leads The Bikelife Movement” The current state of road riding enthusiasts taking their quads and dirt-bikes to the streets has become very controversial. Many individuals in heavily poverty stricken areas have no other outlet to express themselves, and the feds haven’t let up on just letting kids be kids. Each year the numbers grow larger and larger, riders form organized street ride outs with unprecedented numbers in attendance. One rider who comes to mind when there's any discussion of motor bikes and ATVs goes by the name Straightup631. Straightup is originally from and still currently resides in the 6-3-1 area (Long Island, New York), Straightup has built a substantial brand, and has made a very big name for himself over the past few years racking in a whopping 300k instagram followers and over 647k facebook followers.

His constant postings of back to back videos displaying his insane quad and dirt-bike riding skills is a site to see. In most of his videos, the stunt rider is seen popping wheelies and jumping around on his quad as if it's the easiest thing he’s ever done. Stating that he makes it look easy is truly an understatement; it's definitely second nature to him. Straightup has also been seen holding a wheelie for an extraordinary amount of time without dropping his front end. It has also been confirmed that he’s gone head to head with other top stunt riders all over the U.S. and has won every time. It’s not just his wheelies and stuntin’ that holds down his following. Straightup is a whole energetic personality that entertains and stays in touch with his fans and has been seen with many famous people over the years. Straightup has a plethora of vlogs out via his personal youtube channel which showcases his daily life and activities. Recently he teamed up with one of the biggest tire supply companies in the industry, GBC Motorsports. It’s also rumored that he’s currently working on some cross vlogs along with some pretty huge platforms, he only plans to extend his worldwide audience. He already has released merchandise which was noted very successful, and his supportive fanbase continues to grow day by day.

Straightup has stated he plans on bringing safety to the bike life movement and intends to aid struggling kids with passions of riding by placing them on race tracks verses the streets. We’ll see what the future holds for this high energy stunt man but from what we've seen, his future is for sure looking nothing short of inspiring and iconic.

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