• Brandon Ward


Often the underground fashion world goes dry of new pieces to wear and brands to appreciate. There seems to be another prevailing brand in the spotlight each day. One brand in which I’ve stumbled upon happens to be called Denied Approval. Denied Approval can most definitely be described as unique.

The face of legendary rapper Ol’ Dirty Bastard (O.D.B.) is brought to life on a perfectly cut pocketless hoodie, from the looks of it you can tell they’re definitely here to stay. Also featured in their latest release is a long sleeve champion garment with a “Denied Approval” printed grunge-style font. If you thought this was just another temporary clothing brand you’re definitely in for a surprise. I’d say stop reading this now and head right to their website Denied Approval to see for yourself.

If you’re still reading this, well, here comes the spoiler; their brand also features collectable items such as a hefty tote bag with DENIED written across, a pretty dope coffee mug displaying what seems to be a perfect cop-meets-crook intense photograph and a ‘Denied Approval’ sticker printed in their signature font. As far as other garments their website also features a fashionable trucker hat with some dope T-shirts and a Denied Approval champion crewneck. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking to up your style.

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