• Brandon Ward


“DMV artist Kamiyada+ brings a whole new meaning to the sound of Rap

In the music industry it's pretty rare to discover artists emerging with new flows and different styles. But, catching the eye of the consumer and keeping all eyes on you is difficult and also the impressive part. After a lengthy lookout for new content Kamiyada was worth finding. Ever since I discovered him he had me hooked with his impeccable lyrics and hardcore-punk flow. With songs like BULLET RAIN+ you can hear Kamiyada spit complete game along with hard metaphorical hooks on a fire beat. On the other hand, Kamiyada has also been dropping tracks like “Damage Critical” which showcases his punk and hyped-up side.It’s safe to say Kamiyada makes music for any type of vibe or situation.

Feel like opening up a mosh pit with a bunch of your pals or throwing an insane party? Put on some Kamiyada and let it smack you in the face. Feel like having a kick-back and vibing out for the night with some friends and some gas? Let Kamiyada’s softcore flow be the background of the relaxing night with "Traumatic" (Prod. Kwon x Andrew Luce). He’s also thrown together some pretty interesting and to say the least, entertaining visuals as well. In one of his most recent visuals dubbed “CHUCK E. CHEESE” featuring artist “Trippythakid”, they can both be seen outputting an energetic vibe as they walk around turning up in what appears to be a Walmart.

Kamiyada is also part of a large collective in which he’s one of the original founders, entitled “The Midnight Society”. His collective stretches from state to state and internationally in places like the U.K. It seems like Kamiyada is just getting started as he gains more of a following everyday. From what I can see Kamiyada is here to stay and has plans to become an international superstar.

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