• Brandon Ward

A highly anticipated artist by the name of NYCL Kai has been discovered...

In an era where hip-hop has no boundaries, there are tons of new alternative artists breaking through day by day. A highly anticipated artist by the name of NYCL Kai has been discovered. NYCL Kai emerges from the Bronx, New York with a fiery single titled "Aurilla”. Kai, interestingly, shed light on the skater scene in Nyc through his music. After landing a deal with Atlantic Records, Kai dropped his debut album entitled NYCL Kai which consisted of intense beats and hardcore rap. The high energy filled approach of Kai mixed with heavy bass beats created the perfect album to get lit to. He, without a doubt, has turned up the skating scene with his art. It seems Kai has been a skater all his life and he doesn’t show any signs of giving up on the NYC skate scene as he continues to tear it up.

Kai has also collaborated with the highly anticipated hardcore group City Morgue for his debut album. Which featured artists $not and Zillakami, this album is definitely one for the books. Kai recently joined alongside City Morgue for their “As Good As Dead” tour and from the looks of it, he has the ability to shake the building with his rockstar styled performances. He’s also put out visuals for songs like “Haunted” and “Revenue” which are definitely worth checking out. It's definitely safe to say that NYCL kai is here to stay for a long time...

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