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Interview with Recording Industry Producer, Engineer Guru "Terrorgav"...

Terrorgav "(TG)" is an 20 yr old acclaimed music producer, and began producing about a year ago. He currently produces at an industry recording studio in Soho Ny (Offrecord). Terrorgav was adamant on mastering his craft when he choose the music avenue, and now Terrorgav is creating quality beats which match both the musicians expectations and sound. Terrorgav has a way of catering to every artist with their unique style; he truly has an engineering gift. Terrorgav has recently engineered for Smokepurpp, Ski Mask, Lancey Fouxx, and Jay Critch. We had a few words with Terrorgav about why he choose to pursue production in music.

Who/What influenced you to become a music producer?

TG: Honestly my friends haha. My boys were always the ones who primarily made music, I just kind of started cause I wanted to be able to give my friends good beats.

How often and for how long do you practice?

TG: I'd say about 4 times a week, 2-3 hrs. I try to squeeze in time when I can. Gotta stay sharp ya know. I take a lot of breaks though, it helps me keep a creative balance.

How do you balance your music with other obligations - is this your full-time job?

TG: Absolutely ! I'm working on myself every day. Even if I'm not making beats, I'm running around dealing with labels, playing with new sounds, etc. To stay on point of all my responsibilities I have a weekly layout for myself that I follow. Some weeks may get more out of whack than others, but the goal is to stay as close to schedule as possible. I like to commit certain days strictly for music, others strictly personal stuff.

Organization helps a lot. Any records or tapes that struck you this year? Which ones?

TG: I wasn't really too big on anything that dropped this year. A lot of good records came out, but that's about it. No project really stuck with me as a listener so far.

What's next ? Do you forsee a change in your sound as you continue to produce?

TG: Of course ! I try to switch up my style every couple of months or so, deliberately and naturally. I feel like if you know what I'm gonna dish out on every track, then I'm not doing my job as a creator. It's all about progression. I never want to get stuck in that cycle.

What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

TG: Idk man, haha. I like everybody ! Alchemist is the goat, Mike Will is the goat. Lex is still the goat, I don't care what anyone says. He fathered a whole sound. Most us wouldn't have half the status we have now if it wasn't for him.

Do you have advice for young people who want to become music producers?

TG: I'd say to just do what's in your heart of hearts. I'm not gonna sit here and say not to chase a check if that's what you really care about. There's people who are making over 100k a year just because they can bang out type beats all day. At the end of the day it's still work, just like going to work at Wendys or something. But ultimately I would say just do what makes you happy. You know you've made the right decision when you wake every day happy for no reason.

Just do what makes you happy.

Twitter: @terrorgav

Instagram: @terrorgav

SoundCloud: @terrorgav

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