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Basement Surfers is an increasingly expanding psychedelic and experimental music and arts collective

Basement Surfers is an increasingly expanding psychedelic and experimental music and arts collective, spread between Seattle and Olympia, based around the musical compositions and recordings of Cosmosis Jones. The group plays live with upwards of eight musicians on stage dawning homemade cloaks and masks and are often accompanied by video/slime projections and other visual aids created by other members of the collective.

Basement Surfers released their latest album, Human Music, on April 28th.

"Human Music is something that everyone from the OSR Tapes obsessed crowd to the casual listener will enjoy in a shared experience that basks in the ever-expanding & inherent joy that glows within the existential spark that together we experience in humanity" - Impose Magazine. The collective wishes to create an inviting, accepting and inclusive environment for all who need one and states that the music is often very personal and that they hope that the listener can reflect on the music and can find ways to connect and learn about themselves through respective introspection. Their unorthodox aproach on music has given the "Basement Surfers" a unique sound that will help separate them from ordinary artist. Experimental arist are needed to push the envolope foward, which will bring new sounds to music. The "Basement Surfers" do just that for music and and the listener, here's a visual for their song "Friend Vicodin" (Directed by Nina Butler and Jackson Purcell. Edited by Jackson Purcell).

Members/Instruments: Carter Prince (vocals/guitar/synths/drum machine/sampling), Jon Dugger (guitar), Connor Johnson (drums), Savvas Matiatos (bass), Addison Kotulski (french horn), Kaylah Saltzman-Bravo (auxiliary percussion), Alex Rovegno (analog synthesizer), Noah Colbeck (tablas, auxiliary percussion)

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