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  • Chelsea Davis

The Journey of an Inspirational Artist: Meet Tatihanna Taylor...

Since a child, I have been captivated by the enchanting power of music. It became my solace, my escape, and my source of strength. As a teenager, the melodies of J. Cole accompanied me on my daily bus rides to work, while Drake's lyrics mended my broken heart time and time again. Little did I know that my love for music would lead me on a transformative journey, one that would shape my identity as an artist. My odyssey into the world of music commenced during my time in the army when fate introduced me to the talented rapper and entrepreneur, Jamal Wade. Collaborating with him opened my eyes to the possibilities that lay before me, and the studio became my sanctuary. Witnessing the magic Jamal created with his hit single "Janga" fueled my own passion, and together we embarked on the creation of my first two projects, "Point of No Return" and "Disturbance." Since then, I have been tirelessly honing my craft, eagerly preparing myself to ascend to new heights in the realm of music. Drawing inspiration from a myriad of artists, I find myself enamored with them all. From the collective genius of A$AP Mob to the reigning queen Nicki Minaj, I am inspired by their sheer artistry. However, it is Schoolboy Q and Russ who have truly captured my heart. Their unique flows and the poetic beauty of their lyrics serve as a wellspring of inspiration for my latest project. These artists are beacons of hope for my generation and beyond, and their music resonates deeply within my soul.

Life experiences have served as the foundation for my musical creations. Each note and every lyric stem from personal encounters and the challenges I have faced. It is a true blessing to be able to share one's story through the gift bestowed upon us by a higher power. When it comes to my artistic style, I refuse to be confined within the boundaries of a single genre. I embrace a limitless approach, coloring outside the lines to create a harmonious blend of sounds. My goal is to connect with fans from all walks of life, allowing them to experience my voice through their own ears and perspectives. Whether it's pop, rap, or R&B, I let my emotions guide me when crafting a song. My fans are my compass, and their satisfaction is paramount. Putting them first may be seen as unconventional, but their significance in my musical journey cannot be overstated. Themes emerge naturally in my music, reflecting the struggles and triumphs of my past and present self. Each song serves as a testament to the ongoing battle of avoiding the person I once was. Seeking to keep my music fresh, I explore diverse subjects, delving into topics such as heartbreak, sisterhood, and the everyday trials of relationships. Through my art, I endeavor to assure my fans, particularly the women, that they are not alone in their feelings of isolation. The creative process, for me, is a ritual that begins with the melodies on BeatStars. Early morning walks with my beloved dog provide a therapeutic backdrop as I immerse myself in beats. This communion with the music enhances my pen game, helping me unlock the depths of my creativity. I meticulously comb through my saved favorites, envisioning how each beat could resonate with my audience. Constructive criticism is an invaluable tool in my arsenal, as I post my songs on social media, seeking feedback and the opinions of friends. This collaborative approach allows me to refine my sound and embrace versatility in my writing. Despite the demands of my medical career, nursing school, and being a devoted wife, I carve out precious moments for my music, for it is an integral part of who I am.


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