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While the music industry continues to go parabolic, hidden gems from some of the biggest meccas always end up shining. Rapidly climbing Atlanta’s creatively driven musical ladder is an immense talent known as SoFaygo. One of his initial hit that landed him on the map just a few months ago, “Energy”, ended up doing 100,000 streams in just a week. Since then SoFaygo has been on a steady roll releasing a few game changing songs with remarkably impressive visuals tied to them. Songs like “Off the map” and “Everyday” provide us with ever-lasting entertainment showing seamless transitions into different creative sets and dimensions. From listening to just one of SoFaygo’s songs you’d think the radio’s been spinning him on repeat and every DJ in America is keeping the scene and party occupied with him.

The way SoFaygo drops different bars with an incompatible singing pitch which ironically comes together immaculately. The impressiveness behind his music is unlike any other and to think that SoFaygo just emerged is what we would classify as the definition of insanity. Atlanta, being home to many other heavily influential artists like Young Thug, Future, Lil Baby, and the Migos happens to show its strength in the music industry year by year. SoFaygo has also recently had some enormous co-signs from artists such as Trippie Redd and Travis Scott. It’s also been said that they’re some huge features in the works as well. From landing almost a million views on some of his recent visuals, to running up his follower count on instagram, SoFaygo has the green light to become one of the biggest influences of this generation. Viral success has already been achieved but SoFaygo is indeed due for an even bigger flare-up in the industry. Check out SoFaygo's latest visual "Everyday" below

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