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The allure of high end streetwear has been culturally impacting the fashion industry for decades. However what we don't get to see often are brands who dapple in multiple industries at a time. Inflamed Studio has recently proven their merit as they’ve dropped an elegant clothing line as well as a marijuana strain. With a strong collaboration alongside one of the biggest and most popular marijuana dispensers known as “Cookies”, Inflamed has shown where the word “flamed” comes into place.

From an ember to an inferno as they describe on their website, they aren’t wrong by the slightest bit. When it comes to their clothing, they've also done collaborations with music artists such as D Savage and the clothing can be seen on other artists and celebrities like Warhol, Sauce Walka, Coi Leray, Trippie Redd, Young Thug, Slick Woods, Melo Ball and more.

Many of their designs feature a butterfly or butterflies beautifully printed on top notch garments. If you thought the average look of a butterfly was appealing, you have yet to see what it can look like being re-designed and placed upon a hoodie, a t-shirt or some sweatpants. Inflamed Studio’s most recent drop includes the D Savage collab, a black hoodie with a sleek butterfly and a cartoon character holding a pitchfork in the middle of the hoodie and another butterfly design with pitchforks on the side of the hood. Their latest drop also features another two hoodie’s, one including a pair of matching sweatpants. Based off of their progress so far , Inflamed Studio is going to grow and keep prospering within all the industries they leap into.

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