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Corteiz RTW (Rules The World) - a rapidly rising British streetwear label has defied convention...

Gone are the days of throngs of shoppers clamoring in city streets to snag the latest limited edition release from a streetwear label. The once-scanty availability of these coveted pieces has diminished with more organized raffles and online releases, and the proliferation of streetwear brands vying for shelf space in department stores and beyond. The standard playbook for these brands often includes releasing a seasonal collection, scheduling an online drop, hosting physical pop-ups, and selling through stockists and retail partners.

But, Corteiz RTW (Rules The World) - a rapidly rising British streetwear label - has defied convention with its innovative, guerrilla marketing tactics that have captured the attention and interest of the streetwear community like no other brand has in recent times.Founded in 2017 by the enigmatic 26-year-old British-Nigerian entrepreneur, Clint 419, Corteiz has become a household name in just five short years. Its Alcatraz Island logo is now ubiquitous, gracing the garments of UK rap stars like Central Cee, slowthai, Stormzy, and Dave. Recently, even A-list celebrities have endorsed the brand, with Drake sporting a leather jacket from its winter collection, and Pharrell inviting Clint to a private Friendsgiving dinner at Selfridges.

And now, Corteiz is making its biggest move yet, announcing an upcoming partnership with Nike that includes the release of a highly anticipated pair of Air Max 95s in March. So, what makes Corteiz stand out in the crowded streetwear scene, Discover the story behind Corteiz and what sets it apart.


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