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There BreezePark and the're amazing with a co-sign from G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Pusha T


BreezePark is a Hip-Hop collective based out of Suffolk, Virginia with a brewing fanbase within the VA music scene. A household name in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia since 2011, BreezePark consist of 4 rappers named PLAY, Cameron Parker , Ty Safari, and Rye. BreezePark has a youthful approach with a 90's old school hip hop vibe. BreezePark has received a wide range of press and notable references from the music industry. The group continues to strive for success and to spread their positive message throughout the world. The group recently released their first debut EP "Strangers" which has brought in 10,000+ downloads in its 6 months months of being out. They've received multiple co-signs from the acts of : Teddy Riley , Pusha-T , Pharrell Williams & More VA Legends !


BreezePark unloaded their highly anticipated debut EP, Strangers with a co-sign from G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Pusha T, some top notch instrumentation from in-house producer Mike Carey as well as a few guests sound architects including Chicago’s own Martin $ky, the 12 track project. Take a listen to their lastest project "Stangers"

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