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Ian Connor

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Chris James is a 19 year old photographer from Dallas who is arguably making the most moves out there, he's also the manager for Ricky Casanova. Just this year Chris has shot Playboy Carti, Ian Connor, Joey Fatts among others. He's shot for some great brands including Gang Green and Nomad. He's shot at Dallas collective Crit Life's show with OG Maco, and even at functions of lesser known Dallas talent like K. Vation, Devy $tonez, and more up there guys like G.U.N. All such raw artists out of Dallas. But trust me his talents aren't limited to one city. He was just in Houston shooting with Carti, and in Austin doing who knows what while taking pictures. He says that he might be in LA soon to shoot also so be on the look out for that. One of my favorite thing about his shots is the vibe he captures. It's either during the function or after. Polar opposites but both are great. He captures the most extreme vibe in each setting. Also when he just takes pictures of people the feeling that you get from looking at the peoples eyes is, I don't exactly know how to describe it but it's different. Look at his photos and you'll see what I mean. Like I said he shoots for brands and the stuff he did for Nomad was great as well as the stuff for Gvng Green. He captures the models just doing what they do but also making the clothes stand out. I'm not sure how he does it but I'm a huge fan. Another reason I'm a fan of him as an artist and a person is because he's just real you know? He knows he talented and good at what he does and doesn't really flex on it unless he's confronted and he isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Some people would probably view it as an ego but it's just him being honest. He's really humble when it comes down to it. I asked him how he would describe his style as a photographer and he said "I have no style" he just does his thing no flex. But like I said he's aware of his talents and doesn't like to dwell. He's very thankful it seems of all of the people he's worked with and who have helped him get to where he want to be. I was asking him who he shot for locally and he immediately gave me some names to check out. With the way he carries himself as a person and an artist, I know he's going to go far and I don't think he can lose at this point. We talked about his love/hate for the youth, his friends in Texas, meeting Ian Connor and foot long lines of coke in this interview.


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