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"RM47 - BEETGOZON" is a hit record that deserves a place in your music collection...

"RM47 - BEETGOZON" is a hit song that deserves far more attention than it has received. The dynamic blend of musical genres and the visually stunning performance in the video make this a standout production that deserves a wider audience. The song is an innovative blend of reggae, drumming, and guitar playing, which creates a unique and exciting sound that is guaranteed to get people moving. Raleigh's musical talent is on display as he effortlessly plays the drums and guitar in the foreground, providing a rhythmic backdrop for Maad's dynamic dance moves. The addition of Prince African Child to the record elevates the video to new heights, as his timeless reggae style adds a new dimension of excitement to the already electrifying production. His smooth and soulful voice blends perfectly with the music, creating a truly unforgettable experience making the song an instant classic that will be loved. Maad's dance performance in the video is a sight to behold, as her fluid movements effortlessly glide across the screen, keeping viewers captivated and entranced. Her dance skills are a testament to her talent, and are sure to leave audiences in awe.

The all-white setting in the video creates a stunning contrast with the dynamic performances, adding to the overall impact of the video. The combination of music and dance creates a truly captivating experience that will leave audiences mesmerized and craving more.

Director: Brahim Gousse Production Company: GRDN Producers: Natasha Ferguson, Raleigh Dunn Label : GRDN/STEM DP: Rake 1st AD: Levii Choreographer: Miah Frisen Choreographer Assistant: Evy Maurojorge Stylist: EJ Ellison Stylist Assistant: Divine Hadden Stylist Intern : Skee Hair: Luca Tullio Make-Up: Eliven Q. Editor: Brahim Gousse

BTS : Vlasta Pilot, Eyenzsi Reneaux

"RM47 - BEETGOZON" is a hit song that deserves more attention and recognition. The innovative blend of musical genres and the visually stunning performances in the video make this a standout production that should not be overlooked. With its timeless reggae feel, dynamic drumming, and mesmerizing dance moves, the song deserves a place in everyone's music collection.

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