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DrownMili has proven over the years that his creativity has no limits or barriers. Hailing from Long Island, New York he’s become one of the most influential artists in the underground. Most of Drown’s early work consisted of alternative-trap beats with some heavily distorted vocals which compiled together to hit the ears with the essence of perfection. Drown released his 6 track debut EP “Sad Faces” back in 2016. After catching some buzz from Sad Faces, he then went on to release another tape titled “Lit Like Hell”.

He’s since then evolved showing his complete versatility ranging from singing with autotune on soothing melodic beats to a hard hitting grunge style. In 2020, Drown released one collaborative EP along with two solo EP’s: “Acidified” and “Wrath Passion”, which can be simply described as a pair of masterpieces. Wrath Passion quickly became an instant favorite consisting of 5 tracks and a straight play through. His single “FAKE BAPE” on his EP, has gained an abundance of traction since it’s release. Back in July he also dropped an EP with artist Burnkas, who’s also part of the 999 Mob collective, which the duo decided to call “Drown N Burn”. The Drown N Burn EP brought the voices of DrownMili and Burnkas to life, bursting with immaculate energy. They also released an extraordinary visual for their single “March First” communicating and demonstrating just how dangerous the duo can be. The EP has a mix of gangster rap, alternative-rock and pop sounds.

Snippets from Drown’s instagram and fan pages seem to show one of his newest ventures into the world of alternative and punk music. His latest visual for ‘War Outside” brings his world of anarchy to life, showing the internal and external battles we face as a society. At the start of the visual Drown is sitting in his room, his eyes lost in the TV unveiling the recent events taking place around the world. As the nuke strikes, we find Drown in the middle of nowhere camping out just trying to survive the post-war era in the countryside. The visual is filled with innovative takes and sets that look as creative as the mind can stretch. From what the eye can see, this is a high production visual and is crafted to perfection. It seems as if 2021 will be the year of his breakout as he’s already coming into the industry full force. Drown has also revealed he’s working on a project and from what can be heard on some of the project's snippets, it might end up being one of the most groundbreaking projects of the year.

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