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New brands to look out for in 2017


Brigade USA is inspired by the urban New York attitude. The brand embodies the values held by the hip-hop, graffiti, and skateboarding cultures. Brigade continues to release pieces with minimalistic contemporary aesthetics which are appreciated throughout New York.

A continuous representation between clashing worlds "FOR THE CULTURE NOT YOU" is literally for the culture. The statement shines a light on the importance of culture's future, which is bigger than you and I.


448C "448CREATE" is a creative art & design company. Founder Glyn Brown treats 448C as a platform for thinkers. "With a team of eight they create dope shit sh*t all year round" is the term he lives by to represent his brand.. 448CREATES vintage-style pieces that are often meshed with a contemporary or futuristic touch.

Cease ± Desist

Cease & Desist is a lifestyle brand inspired by the grittiness street culture and the allure high-end designer fashion, since their inception, and minimalistic ideal combines their fashion-forward approach to streetwear has enabled them to carve a lane for themselves. Focusing on extreme detail and superior workmanship, while creating trends through defiance has become the staple of the self dubbed "Runway Rebels" Cease & Desist.

Is a Los Angles-based transgressive menswear label, which focuses on the use of modern aesthetics and materials.

to be continued....



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