• Brandon Ward

The super talented skateboarder/hair stylist known as ‘Kid Bronze’ emerges...


As the punk-fashionista and now, popular skateboarding scene prevails, we’re introduced to new interesting creatives each day. In an era where new styles are created and cultures are mixed the super talented skateboarder/hair stylist known as ‘Kid Bronze’ emerges. With many trick-filled skate videos on youtube and pictures of colorful hair shaped in different styles and designs via instagram and Twitter, Kid Bronze is brought upon us. In today's day and age social media has played a big part in discovering many creatives. But with these platforms having so many users, Instagram averaging 1 billion+ active monthly users and Twitter averaging 330 million, it’s not so easy to determine who the best talents out there really are.

Kid Bronze happens to catch the eye of the daily scroller through vintage skater aesthetics and hair in which he styles for both himself and others. As he and his team tear up the streets and rails of downtown Los Angeles and other areas, they seem to bring back the vibe of those early 2000’s skate videos we enjoyed on "Scarred" as if it was some form of addiction.

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Twitter: @bronzayer

Instagram: @kidbronze


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