by ley:




creative director

cover artist



wrath force 1s- "ghost riders" by ley

Cover Art

by ley

wrath gallery coming soon

clothing brand "fifth release"


Fashion Designer & Creative Director of  “Wrath Gallery” and CEO of “Mad Dog Entertainment”.



Ley’s skill-sets are of the Visual Arts.


Ley embodies the knowledge of ENTICING the human mind. His capability of showcasing meaningful unorthodox experiences, both in live and digital settings are of the few qualities WHICH ALLOWS Ley’s work TO BE special and worthwhile.


Strife has been a very prevalent message in all of Leys work. Struggles and battles are similarities we all face, and in a wayS we all can relate to the UNIQUE twisted nature of his messages.

attention to detail has been a great gift in which I apply to my craft. My end goal is to push and impress myself so in-turn I deliver great content to audiences in which I serve.  Suspense Intensity Strength Depth and Emotion are keen qualities that are funneled into my art.

Blog excerpt:

“When you think of the underground SoundCloud scene in New York; you probably imagine gritty, hustlers that just don’t give a fuck. Let me introduce you to the embodiment of the New York state of mind, L E Y. He is undoubtedly the hardest working person in the underground scene as of right now. He runs the dope ass NHYPEMAG magazine, NHYPE fashion brand, and is part of the MXB999 collective. His hustle is impeccable and influential; we got in contact with him despite his busy schedule to get to know him better.” – Culnessco Magazine


“You are the controller of all Experiences, Remember the Importance of each Experience you PROVIDE” – Leycola